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CemServ, Saudi Roller exceed the CEMA load expectations. They are compatible and interchangeable among different brands and ease of installation and friction less factor position our roller as premium class in the Conveyor Roller Industry

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Rollers Product Engineering

In our Roller construction we consider the below while we are manufacturing to ensure the maximum life of the roller.

• Low Total Indicator Run-Out (TIR).
• Effective Radial and Labyrinth Seals.
• Excellent Dust Proof and Waterproof
• High Quality Ball Bearing with Contact Seals.
• Long Service Life. Comply with International Standards.

Rollers Construction

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Type of Conveyor Rollers


Located on the carrying side of the belt conveyor and is responsible to convey the belt in a loaded condition. Our rollers are designed to provide a smooth running of a belt with least rolling resistance for along period of time.


This type of roller located on the return side of the belt conveyor and acts as a support for the belt. These rollers are generally plain tubes, however, for conveyors handling sticky material, they have spaced rubber rings mounted across the length.


This type of roller located on the area where there is an uncontrolled feed to the conveyor such as below hoppers. It consists of rubber rings mounted on the steel tube to absorb the impact of material falling on the belt and thus, helps in avoiding damage to the belt and the roller tube. It also reduces the shock and vibration through the conveyor steel structure.


This type of rollers are used to prevent the belt’s lateral drift or movement. They are mounted vertically or at a suitable degree usually on self-aligning idler brackets.

Quality Assurance

At Saudi Roller, Quality is not just a routine but an obsession. A high quality roller is one that is easy tp install and gives along operating life. Both Can be achieved thank to the relentless focus on strict quality control throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. Every Roller is tested for run out at the end of production to ensure that the value are within acceptable limits.

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