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CemServ, Saudi Screen is made up of premium wire ,offering highest available tensile strengths or maximum screen life while maintaining superior ductility for wear resistance and Impact.

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  • Our Manufacturing process and using High tensile strength quality wires ensure strength which is strong enough to with stand trauma or product impact, vibration fatigue and stress of vibratory unit.
  • Durability of Saudi Screens reduces screen changes. Saves downtime and reduces cost per ton
  • Uniform hardness and wire diameter for increased wear life.
  • Offered in Multiple sizes and multiple hooking angles.


  • Saudi Screen Durability ensure downtime and cost reduction
  • Wears thin and smooth for predictable screen replacement and a healthier bottom life
  • Ensuring less time changing screens and more time generating product which result increased profitability.


Double Crimp

Double Crimp

This is the most commonly used crimping style, generally used for smaller mesh openings ranging from 3mm to 16mm. The crimping pattern looks like a wave with pre-determined depth to ensure proper fitment with the cross wire. This pattern is generally used for mesh to diameter ratios of 4:1 or less

Lock Crimp

Lock Crimp

This type of crimping is characterized by straight sections of wire with intermittent bump at specific distance i.e. the pitch. This type of crimping pattern gives dimensional stability due to interlocking of wires, especially when subjected to big lumps of materials. This pattern is suitable to be used for mesh to diameter ratios of 4:1 or more.

Edge Hook Types

Different kinds of edge hooks as illustrated can be fabricated based on customer requirements.

Standard Hook

Hook Strip

Double Folded Hook Strip

Double Folded
Hook Strip

Flat Hook Strip

Hook Strip

Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels are a popular item which have been developed in response to customer demand. They offer a highly versatile solution, because they are manufactured from panels composed of various sizes and/or materials which can be sandwiched together in different combinations. These materials can include stainless steel, carbon steel, or whatever else the customer would like to specify.

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Quality Assurance

A high quality mesh is one that sieve the desired particle sizes accurately and also give a long service life. Both can be achieved thanks to the relentless focus on strict quality control throughout all stages of the manufacturing process.

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